CB&Q 180863

CB&Q 180863CB&Q 180863: The Q built over a thousand of these class HC-1 covered hoppers which are very similar to the ACF 1958 cu. ft. version. Burlington Bulletin No. 20 and Railway Prototype Cyclopedia 30 have very good reference information. The Q used what is referred to as the Type 3 roof which is offered as a resin kit number 103 by Yarmouth Model Works to replace the Type 1 roof in the Intermountain kit. Trucks used by the Q were AAR 70T double truss versions and there are no matches out there in HO scale. The closest found was the old Red Caboose 70T Barber S-2 and these were used on this car. One detail note is the Q used straight grabs instead of drop grabs on the side and end ladders. Jerry Hamsmith decal set HC-1 completed the lettering along with some chalk mark decals.