CB&Q 17415

CB&Q 17415CB&Q 17415: This started as a Branchline kit and shows just how many modifications can be made to a very well done kit with accurate paint and lettering. The primary reference is the outstanding Burlington Bulletin No. 7 on the Class XM-32 Steel Boxcars. This Branchline kit is from the original run of cars and the lettering is very good compared to the prototype pictures. The second run, for some reason, was changed and has many errors including the subtle problem of having the "Way of the Zephyrs" and "Everywhere West" slogans on the wrong side of the car. Turning the underframe around and swapping the ends fixes this, but other minor errors still exist. This series of cars came with ASF A-3 trucks which are available from Kato. If Branchline had run the 17800-18399 series, the included Barber S-2 truck would have been correct. The original coupler pockets were changed to Kadee scale width boxes and scale head couplers added. The plastic cut levers were changed to Detail Associates. Hi-Tech Details brass air hose brackets and rubber air hoses were added. The fragile stirrup steps were replaced with Yarmouth Model Works YMW-206 etched steps. The running board was replaced with one from Kadee. Decal changes included proper repack and reweigh decals plus assorted carmen's chalk marks. Pan Pastel and airbrush weathering finished the car off.