WAB 30842

WAB 30842WAB 30842: Railway Prototype Cyclopedia 10 highlights these cars which were built for SHPX, but purchased by the Wabash in 1953. The model is an Overland Models import (OMI-3246). The decals started as Mark Vaughn set Y1, but looking at the photo of 30842 showed some discrepancies. Since I have access to an Alps, some scanning and modifications in Corel Draw were in order. Instead of placing the letters individually, the large WABASH was turned into one decal with the letters spaced out. The reporting marks and weight data were corrected and printed as one decal as well. Tahoe Model Works 70T ASF A-3 trucks are correct for this prototype. Some chalk mark decals and a little airbrush weathering completed the car.